Purpose, Vision and Passion Retreat

Purpose, Vision and Passion Retreat
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Date(s) - Friday, June 8, 12:00 AM through Sunday, June 10, 11:59 PM


Our eighth Purpose, Vision & Passion retreat will enable you to ponder new and exciting possibilities in this unique time for humanity and our planet.
– Consider the future you want to lead and the contribution you want to make to the world.
– Write a vision for your life that you can re-read for daily for inspiration and so your vision stays firmly planted in the front of your mind.
– Get a jump start on your new lifestyle with the support and accountability of a high-achieving team, in a 100-day mastermind! Now is the time, an here is a proven process, to support your dreams with passionate action!Purpose, Vision & Passion Retreat
…prepare for a very different future, the future of your dreams!
Things are changing. We’re living in an age of technological wonder and advancement, when the seemingly impossible happens every day! Entrepreneurs want to take us into outer space, and even colonize Mars!
Entire industries are being disrupted and transformed by newcomers like Uber and Airbnb.
In these times when it seems more and more is becoming possible, there are new rules to play the game. Learn and play by them and you’re more likely prosper and thrive. Darwin famously said, “it is not the strongest who survive, it is the most adaptable.” In nature, species that don’t keep learning and adapting disappear. This is true for people too.
Future-focus – picture leading a longer, more fulfilling life while keeping an eye on the shifting horizon
Adapt – evolve and adapt as the world continues to do so too
Resilience -– be calm in any storm as you master all life’s dimensions: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual
Purpose – pursue life purpose, the unique reason you are here on Earth. At. This. Time.
Community – engage deeply in life, stay grounded and anchored in a community of supportive relationships
Join us for an exciting weekend retreat and come away with:
1. A clear vision of your future
2. A deep understanding of resilience and the skills needed to be adaptable
3.A heartfelt connection with your purpose in life!

The Purpose, Vision & Passion retreat will take place in beautiful Southern California in Spring 2018 (dates to be determined). Immediately following, the 100-day Mastermind provides a powerful format for you and teammates to tap your full potential and take action steps toward goals and dreams!
Contact Greg to reserve your seat today! 626-437-6735,

— The Vision retreat and Mastermind were like being plucked out of my daily rut and given a bird’s eye view of my life. With this enhanced perspective, I was able to make conscious decisions to better prepare me for the journey ahead. Soon after, I quit my old job and found a new job that was exactly what I was looking for. Bill K, Nursing Informatics
— The Mastermind and Vision retreat was like spiritual lightning! It changed everything it touched in me. It gave me a new view of my life; from 30,000 feet! I found alignment, congruity, and clarity. Michael Bernard, Ahiah Center
Your Process Guide, Greg Apodaca, has helped design and deliver leadership programs since 1985.
He is founder of Community 2.0, Coordinator of TEDxPasadena 2011/2012. He is the Visionary and Process Champion behind Leadership Pasadena, and he is a Partner in MountainTop Strategies.

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June 8, 2018